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Nucleom is a Canadian non-destructive testing (NDT) company headquartered in Quebec City, with offices in Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton. At first, Nucleom was founded to address the nuclear industry’s distinctive needs and standards. The innovative inspection systems and procedures created to meet these requirements of the nuclear industry also found extensive uses in several other markets. Today, Nucleom is best known for developing and executing the most effective NDT methods, techniques and strategies to most effectively solve the needs of our clients across a broad range of industries.

The company has always had an international scope and a strong ability to conduct operations across the continent and overseas. Nucleom takes great pride in its high-level expertise, cutting-edge equipment and impressive R&D programs involved in providing our clients with an inspection they can feel comfortable with and results that count.

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Mission and values

Nucleom aims to be the supplier of choice for non-destructive testing solutions by providing great service with a high level of support. The company is committed to offer its clients the most suitable technique of inspection, whether if it is a conventional method or a brand-new technology.



We distinguish ourselves by means of our logic and precision, which facilitates our ability to deliver high level products and services. 



Our advanced knowledge of NDT allows us to consistently optimize our tools and work procedures, thus providing our clients with high quality products and services.



We are fully invested in our clients’ satisfaction which guarantees our intent and our transparency to the point of complete satisfaction. 


Team Work

Our ambitious team and positive contribution to the success of our clients lead to constructive and profitable collaborations. 



With our dedication, productivity and determination, we provide you with undivided support in achieving success in your projects. 

Quality control

Certifications NDT

Nucleom places a high value on the quality of its products and services. Therefore, the company has implemented a quality management system (QMS) and regulatory codes & standards that meet the needs of our customers and the requirements of the industries that it serves. Nucleom implements QMS related governing practices under a continuous improvement process relevant to its customers’ activities. Nucleom’s QMS is based on but not limited to CAN-Z299.1-85, ISO 9001:2015 and CSA W178.1 standards and covers all their services.


CAN3-Z299.1 certificate    ISO 9001 certificate    CSA W178.1 CERTIFICATE


CAN3-Z299.1 certificate    ISO 9001 certificate


COR Certificate