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Nucleom has developed and qualified various weld inspection methods, using a series of tooling sets specifically designed to meet the environmental or technical challenges of the nuclear industry.

An example of one of Nucleom’s efficient weld inspection programs is the robust process required for the PAUT inspection of the CANDU reactor’s primary heat transport system, resulting in a very high probability of detection and high level of confidence in the results.

Using the latest tools available on the market, Nucleom has recently developed a PAUT inspection technique that provides 100% volumetric coverage of cast austenitic stainless-steel welds.

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)


Combining highly sensitive techniques with remotely controlled mechanized systems, Nucleom can monitor the integrity of large components in a periodic inspection program, or a one-time customized inspection.

For example, with the help of valued partners, Nucleom has designed a custom NDE system capable of providing a complete map of the inside surface of a large stainless-steel conduit, exposed to very high radiation fields.


The very first large-scale project of the company; Nucleom is highly specialized in the inspection of the CANDU reactor’s primary heat transport system feeder tubes. Exposed to a degradation mechanism known as Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC), custom inspection systems are used to obtain a complete thickness map of the tight radius bends located at the end of the fuel channels.

Site deployment and management of inspection campaigns are relatively complex when it comes to feeder applications, Nucleom’s rigor and combined experience of more than a century in specialized CANDU feeder applications, along with the company’s innovative approach, allows our clients to realize large reductions in the critical path time for NDE, meanwhile improving the inspection results.


The team at Nucleom has an immense level of expertise with ultrasound and eddy current technology. In turn, Nucleom is extremely familiar with the most common inspection systems used for tube inspection. They have extensive experience in inspection programs of steam generators, heat exchangers and condensers, to name a few.



Complex geometries

A high-pressure turbine used to generate electrical energy in the nuclear industry is a good example of a highly critical asset that must be inspected with a great level of rigor. Custom inspection systems with novel methods are of great value in such applications, where the complex geometry of the component may represent a challenge for conventional inspection techniques. More specifically, a combination of PAUT and ECA provide a fast and reliable inspection process for the turbines blade roots.

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)


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