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Experience Nucleom’s power line inspection services, spanning from splice to conductor. Through pioneering NDT technology, we reshape possibilities for uprating, cost savings and reliable maintenance foresight.

The aging of transmission networks and growing energy demands require power line operators to consider solutions that optimize the lifespan of assets and increase energy transmission capacity. When assessing the remaining lifespan or potential enhancement of an existing line, the condition of conductors and splices must be properly evaluated.

Over time, thermal cycles, line vibrations, galloping, weather events, atmospheric pollution and environmental factors contribute to the deterioration of splices and conductors. LineOhm and LineCore inspections provide key information for uprating projects, replacement cost reduction and improved reliability through better maintenance planning.

Optimize your power line maintenance by making the unpredictable predictable.

Upstream Detection of Conductor Degradation Process

With the LineCore service offering, Nucleom provides a trusted solution for non-destructive inspection of power lines. LineCore allows for assessment of residual galvanic protection of the ACSR conductor steel core wire. It assesses the loss of thickness of the zinc layer over the entire span, identifying the most affected areas and providing measurements of the remaining thickness.

Over time, LineCore data can be used for preventive maintenance by correlating and predicting conductor degradation and aiding in the assessment of remaining lifespan.

Deeper Dive: LineCore

Power Line Inspection - LineCore Nucleom

Conductor Sleeve Condition Assessment

During a maintenance campaign, conductor splices, being the weakest link in the chain, tend to be the first components inspected. With no requirement for surface preparation, our assessment solution can be conducted quickly and safely.


Power Line Inspection - LineOhm Nucleom

Proven Expertise

Nucleom stands as a leader of innovation in the realm of power line inspection. Our NDT expertise, combined with our partnership with Hydro-Quebec1, form a reliable foundation for maintenance. We have fine-tuned the art of assessing components’ integrity, ensuring optimal inspection performance from splice to conductor.

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1 Canada’s largest electricity producer and among the world’s largest hydropower producers

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