Pulp and Paper is still an important industry in Canada that offers many inspection challenges to ensure installations reliability and integrity.

Regular inspection programs and shut-downs are necessary to evaluate the different components such as boilers, digesters, evaporators, tanks and pressure vessels. In addition to common conventional methodologies, Nucleom offers its advanced procedures and technologies to develop efficient and fast techniques.


Drying is an essential step in the transformation process in any pulp and paper factory and as such, heat exchangers for must be reliable and highly efficient. Any failure could affect the factory’s production and energy bills.

Regular inspection of heat exchangers’ tubes and coils is needed to prevent corrosion and cracks to minimize failure risks and catastrophic damages. Nucleom offers innovative solutions that are adapted to such industry’s environment and challenges.


Weld’s integrity in components such as boilers, Tanks and Pressure Vessels should be evaluated regularly to prevent any failure risk. The inspection could face some challenges due to component location and environment and weld accessibility and condition.

Nucleom provides advanced solutions based on ultrasonic and eddy current techniques (PAUT, ECA, etc.) in addition to conventional NDT methods such as penetrant and magnetic testing.


Structures, such as digesters, evaporators, recovery boilers, bleaching, paper-making machines and chemical storage tanks in the pulp and paper industry are exposed to corrosive environments leading to corrosion and cracking challenges within the entire production process.

The high costs of production shutdowns and reparations of equipment could be minimized by regular evaluation programs. Nucleom offers the latest inspection tools and software for an optimum corrosion detection and failure analysis.


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