Our Code of Ethics
and Professional Conduct

Inspire innovation by promoting people’s creativity as well as performing inspections properly, efficiently and reliably for the client.

Framework for Ethical Reflection

Several unusual or more ambiguous situations are likely to occur. It is therefore important to think more deeply, to find some solutions and to weigh the advantages and disadvantages.



The ability to go beyond our first impression and our own convictions by remaining open to difference so as not to clash with the other.



The pursuit of what is right for all in the public interest.



The search for effort, accuracy and precision in the execution of tasks and responsibilities.



The ability to find the best solutions in a given context, to apply them and to assume them.



The ability to show things as they are, to put frankness at the heart of all actions, thus allowing different sectors to evolve in a climate of trust.

Confidentiality and Privacy

We are committed to respecting privacy and privacy laws for employees, subcontractors, suppliers, and partners.

Nucleom’s stakeholders are responsible for:

  • Protecting the confidential information that belongs to Nucleom;
  • Taking care of the handling and transmission of this different information;

All information received when working at Nucleom is considered confidential information. To consult the Terms of Use of Nucleom’s website, please click on the button below.

Terms of Use

Eco-Responsibility in the Workplace

Nucleom promotes all its employees to adopt eco-concerned behaviours and to use this policy that is a guide to sound environmental practice. This starts with Nucleom’s headquarters (Quebec) being a LEED certified building.

1. LEED Certified Headquarter

The new headquarter building has obtained the LEED certification.


2. Minimizing Paper Consumption

Employees are encouraged to rethink their use of paper within their work.
  • Evaluate the relevancy of printing the said document
  • Reduce the use of ink
  • Salvage paper.

3. Means of Transportation and Trips

Examples of gestures and actions:
  • Apply rules of environmental friendliness as a driver
  • Promote trips in group and minimize the use of individual means of transportation:

4. Event Management

Here are our key suggestions to make our meetings more eco-concerned:
  • Consider and even value telephone conference and video conferencing;
  • Send documents by e-mail before the meeting;
    If necessary, print copies for guests, in Paper Save mode.
  • Inquire in advance about the number of participants in order to avoid waste.


Nucleom has adopted a policy of respect as part of its commitment to providing a respectful and enjoyable workplace for all its employees.


Ensure that people recognize their right to work in a work environment marked by citizenship, respect, politeness and living skills.


Nucleom believes that any breach of the compliance policy must be dealt with quickly and effectively by providing assistance and support to employees experiencing such situations.


Not only to recognize situations of non-compliance, but also to raising awareness among its employees and taking reasonable measures to resolve reported problems. Serious misconduct may require disciplinary action against offending employee.

Why value a respectful workplace?

Because at its core, a workplace where we feel accepted, valued and recognized contributes positively to our well-being. In addition to improving the quality of employee relations, such an environment promotes personal development, job satisfaction, teamwork, problem solving and productivity.

Health and Safety


Ensure a healthy and safe workplace.


Nucleom wants to devote the time, energy and resources necessary to ensure that security is an integral part of what we do every day. We want to promote safety of employees by providing them a safe environment while promoting the best work practices. We encourage and promote the active participation of employees in occupational health and safety activities.


Nucleom, along with its employees, must take the necessary precautions to ensure a safe workplace. This is why we are committed to complying with all requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, particularly the elimination at the very source of hazards to the health, safety and physical integrity of our workers.

Occupational Health and Safety Measures

We are concerned about putting in place measures to demonstrate due diligence in OHS.

To actively participate in creating a culture that incorporates safety and reflects management’s commitment and expectations of its employees.



Leadership is necessary for safe success.


Personal Responsibility

Each of us has a personal responsibility for our own safety and that of others, both at work ad outside of work.


Safety First

No work is so important as to be carried out at the expense of safety.


Workplace safety

Workplace safety is a condition of employment.



All incidents and injuries are preventable.


Respect the rules

Violating safety or health rules may lead to disciplinary action.

This code of ethics is the frame of reference that will guide the actions and behaviors of all Nucleom employees and subcontractors, in the offices and on the various sites and clients.

This code sets out the values that guide employee’s ethical actions and certain rules of conduct to which they are subject. These rules are not exhaustive and do not have the effect of limiting the management and management rights of the organization.

This code is not a substitute for a conduct obligation in any other regulation, organization policy or legislation.
Each employee is also responsible for complying with the various codes of Ethics that apply to their professional association.

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