Nucleom in partnership with PULETS laboratory

March 15, 2020 –

Nucleom, a non-destructive testing service company, met with the Piezoelectricity, Ultrasonics technologies and materials Laboratory (PULETS) in Montreal last March. Nucleom work with this laboratory to develop new methods of inspections.

In collaboration with Pierre Bélanger, director of PULETS laboratory, we collaborate on several research areas, such as:

  • HTHA, with Frédéric Dupont-Marilia, Ph. D. | Employee Nucleom;
  • Guided Waves, with Aubin Chaboty | Master student and Nucleom intern.

About Nucleom

Nucleom is a Canadian non-destructive testing (NDT) company headquartered in Quebec City (Quebec), with offices in Montreal (Quebec), Toronto (Ontario), Kincardine (Ontario), Edmonton (Alberta) and Fort McMurray (Alberta). Providing a wide range of non-destructive testing services, Nucleom offers solutions that significantly increase the speed and reliability of inspections on critical equipment. Nucleom is pushing the boundaries of non‑destructive testing to safeguard the operation of critical infrastructures such as nuclear reactors and pipelines. Nucleom team works in Canada and around the world, primarily on Canada’s world-renowned CANDU reactor technology, to ensure these workhorses of the nuclear power industry continue to work safely and thus integrate the principles of social and environmental responsibility. 

About PULETS Laboratory

Piezoelectricity, ULtrasonics technologies and materials Laboratory – PULÉTS – belongs to mechanical engineering department of École de Technologie Supérieure – ÉTS – based in Montreal, Canada. It aims to develop innovative ultrasonics non destructive testing technolgoies as well as the study of innovative materials and their failure analysis. To meet those goals, the laboratory works in a interdisciplinary context, looking to make the link between mechanics, physics, electronics and materials science. (source:

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