Nucleom helping out in fight against COVID-19

April 13, 2020 –

At Nucleom, we are pitching in to assist during the COVID-19 pandemic. We usually use our 3D printer to create helpful inspection tools. Today, we are using it for a totally different purpose: 3D Printed Face Shields.

Two weeks ago, we have started producing 3D printed components for Medical Face Shields to help our health system and the community during Covid-19 crisis. Nucleom is proud to distribute these PPE via COVID-19 – Let’s act together, a movement initiated by Panthera Dental, in Quebec City.

Michael Buchen, R&D Specialist at Nucleom is manufacturing these PPE components to provide for an urgent need. In Germany, they are calling this movement “Makers Versus Virus” and Nucleom is proud to be part of it. If you would like to make a positive contribution during the COVID-19 crisis, consult Panthera Dental Website. Please note that this is a non-profit operation, Nucleom and partners involved are making no profit.

How are we responding to COVID-19?

  • 66 3D printed face shields/day;
  • 3 3D printers;
  • 7 days/week;
  • Approx. 450 first responders helped per week.

Michael Buchen, M. Sc. | Covid-19 | 3D Printed Face Shields

In Quebec, rainbows have become a symbol of optimism during COVID-19 lockdown… Ça va bien aller!

About Nucleom

Nucleom is a Canadian non-destructive testing (NDT) company headquartered in Quebec City (Quebec), with offices in Montreal (Quebec), Toronto (Ontario), Kincardine (Ontario), Edmonton (Alberta) and Fort McMurray (Alberta). Providing a wide range of non-destructive testing services, Nucleom offers solutions that significantly increase the speed and reliability of inspections on critical equipment. Nucleom is pushing the boundaries of non‑destructive testing to safeguard the operation of critical infrastructures such as nuclear reactors and pipelines. Nucleom team works in Canada and around the world, primarily on Canada’s world-renowned CANDU reactor technology, to ensure these workhorses of the nuclear power industry continue to work safely and thus integrate the principles of social and environmental responsibility. Contact us!

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