Major funding of the new headquarters

Ville de Québec – February 4, 2019 – We are proud to announce that Nucleom received $800 000 for the construction of its new headquarters in Michelet Innovation Area and $20 000 for the LEED Certification. All of that was enabled by Vision Entrepreneuriale Québec 2023. Last Monday, the City of Quebec and the government of Quebec has announced financial assistance totalling $1 590 000 for the development of 3 projects: Nucleom, UEAT and CDEC Quebec.

“About Vision Entrepreneuriale Québec 2023

Focusing on entrepreneurship, innovation, growth, financing and support, Vision Entrepreneuriale Québec 2023 aims to make Quebec City the capital of entrepreneurship in Canada within 5 years. It brings together financial assistance and measurement programs to help businesses grow. Vision Entrepreneuriale Québec 2023 receives funding of over $ 75,8 million from the government of Quebec. The City of Quebec, the Secrétariat à la Capitale-Nationale and Quebec International act as leading partners in the vision fund deployment.” (City of Quebec, 2019)

Nucleom subvention vision 2023

Martin Lafrance (President, UEAT) – Geneviève Guilbault (Deputy Prime Minister) – Olivier Marcotte (President, Nucleom) – Jacques Beaudet (Director-General, CDEC) – Régis Labeaume (Mayor, city of Quebec)

À propos de Nucleom :

Offering a wide range of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services, Nucleom proposes solutions that significantly increase the speed and reliability of critical equipment inspection. Nucleom pushes the limits of NDT to maintain the operation and to ensure the integrity of critical infrastructure, such as nuclear reactors and pipelines. In Canada and around the world, the team is conducting specialized tests, particularly on world-renowned CANDU technology, to ensure the safety of essential equipment and thus integrate the principles of social and environmental responsibilities. Non-Destructive Testing, commonly called NDT, ensures product integrity and evaluates components for discontinuities without altering it.

Contact :

Geneviève Lemieux
Marketing Manager

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