Covid-19 Update

March 18, 2020 –

Dear Customers and Partners,

Together, we are taking action to protect our employees, partners and customers from the Covid-19 outbreak. We are doing everything in our power to minimize the impact on operations, while keeping everyone’s health and safety a priority. Likewise, Nucleom continues to support projects in accordance with the directives of government authorities.

The following measures have been implemented and are currently in effect within the company:

  • Nonessential work stopped in all Nucleom offices;
  • Closure of the head office and all Nucleom establishments – Remote work only for project support;
  • Enhanced hygiene measures;
  • Written approval required for customer and supplier visits;
  • Written approval required to visit our customers and suppliers;
  • Meetings of more than 5 people prohibited – Remote meetings when possible;
  • Teleworking encouraged, when possible (use of Skype, Webinars, etc.);
  • Travel restrictions since March 2, 2020.

Exceptions (if any) to these measures, such as specific essential work or critical path activities will be communicated to customers and partners involved in such work. We remain mindful of the measures put in place by governments, which could have an impact on the work site execution. We will adapt tasks and logistics as the situation evolves.

This is a temporary situation and taking these extraordinary measures will help protect the public.

We are grateful for supporting you in your activities. At this time the priority is your safety and the safety of your families. After these events, we will be even stronger while facing the challenges of normal activities.

Olivier Marcotte, President

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