Short Range – HandySCAN

Portable 3D devices such as the  HandySCAN allow Nucleom, in combination with different post-processing software, to evaluate any type of part with exceptional precision. The scanner uses triangulation to position itself in real time and records the deformation of laser lines projected onto the surface of the object. The surface is automatically scanned on the screen, a process called live meshing. The acquisition speed of this technology allows for reduced inspection time and downtime.

Technical Specifications:

  • Resolution of 0.025 mm;
  • Local measurement accuracy of 0.025mm | 0.0009inches
  • Volumetric performance 0.020mm+0.040mm/m (based on part size);
  • Best working volume from 0.05m to 4m.
3D Scan Solutions - Nucleom

Long Range – Long range 3D scan

Long-range 3D scanners allow Nucleom to capture and scan larger surface types than portable 3D devices i.e. scanning of large objects, environments or buildings. Using the principle of line-of-sight, the device collects millions of points all around its environment. The combination of long and short range 3D scanning allows for the reconstruction of the volume of a surface without contact.

Long Range 3D scanning features:

  • Resolution up to 1.5mm;
  • Precision up to 1mm;
  • Range up to 100m;
  • Portability in hard-to-reach areas;
  • Remote control;
  • High-density point cloud;
  • High-quality texture/color;
  • Easy extraction of all types of measurements, i.e., building plan, 2D piping network, etc.
Long Range

Metrology 3D devices

Laser Tracker

The Laser Tracker is a high-precision measuring tool used to perform quality checks (GD&T evaluations) and metrology measurements over distances up to 80 meters. The principle is similar to that of the Long Range with the use of line-of-sight. The Laser Tracker has a spherical reflector and accessories for measuring at a single point (compared to multiple points with the Long Range), significantly improving inspection and measurement accuracy.

In addition to these features, the Laser Tracker combined with 3D scanning solutions allows for the precise measurement of a surface or object to create a 3D model. This greatly facilitates part positioning and verification, jig adjustment as well as visual inspection of multiple parts/assemblies. It can also reduce manufacturing errors in real-time and may limit the use of physical jigs in certain situations, significantly increasing production throughput while reducing costs. Therefore, the Laser Tracker is a versatile and precise tool that offers considerable advantages in measurement, inspection, and production.

Technical specifications of the Laser Tracker :

  • Accuracy 0.001”/20ft
  • Range up to 80m


The use of drones, through photogrammetry or LIDAR measurement, allows for metrology at a higher level for large volume surfaces and/or hard-to-reach areas.

Technical specifications :


Drone visual inspection

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