On-site support

Nucleom offers on-site support services for the maintenance and operation of inspection equipment. As inspection systems become more sophisticated & advanced, the need for specialized support becomes essential in order to ensure that acquisition units, scanning mechanisms, and their accessories are on-hand and ready for use.

Nucleom offers complete support services before, during, and after inspection campaigns

  • Meeting inspection needs;
  • Preparation of NDE inspections;
  • Maintenance and repair of equipment;
  • NDE Equipment troubleshooting.


Nucleom offers technical consultation services for the development and implementation of your NDE systems.

With more and more complex applications and the increasingly stringent requirements of regulatory bodies, Nucleom can help by performing peer review for the implementation of your NDE program.

NDE Systems qualifications

With complex inspection systems comes the need to demonstrate the effectiveness of these techniques. Nucleom can provide complete support services for the qualification of inspection systems as required by regulatory bodies or customers.

Through the development of technical justifications or probability of detection studies, Nucleom is able to assist clients in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of their inspection programs.

Nucleom can help to meet all your qualification needs:

  • Review of technical specifications;
  • Technical justification development;
  • Empirical or simulation-based probability of detection (Pod) studies.

Data analysis

Data analysis plays a key role in the efficiency of a NDE inspection and component integrity evaluation.

Remotely or on-site, Nucleom’s analysts can help you determine your component’s integrity by identifying geometries and indications requiring classification or monitoring.

Get the most out of your data with Nucleom’s expertise and know-how.

Analyse de données NDT