Nucleom can provide a wide range of conventional as well as advanced inspection solutions directed at pipelines. Nucleom provides services both new construction as well as for pipeline integrity. Here are examples:


- Volumetric weld inspection – Long Seam, Girth Weld (SAW, ERW, SMAW)
- Manual or automated scanners using Phased Array and TOFD
- Consulting and inspection for welding
- Consulting and inspection for coating application
- Application design and development, system integration
- Auditing and training services for all techniques (VT3, MT3, PT3, UT3, RT3)

- Corrosion mapping and R-Streng calculation (ID/OD)
- Evaluation of mechanical damage (Dent, Bend, Bulge, etc.)
- Detection and evaluation of fabrication defects (fitness for service)
- Detection and evaluation of Linear Indication (Toe Cracking, centerline cracking, transverse) and Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC)
- Volumetric weld inspection– Long Seam, Girth Weld (SAW, ERW, Flash Welding)
- Advanced technologies using Phased Array, TOFD, Eddy Current Array providing permanent records of data (encoded)
- Automated systems for multiple applications
- Data analysis on-site or remote using the latest inspection software (beam simulation, specimen making and 3D imaging)
- On-site spark testing and hardness testing
- Sleeve inspection (NDE and Welding supervision)
- Consulting and inspection for coating application