Handheld Devices

Handheld devices such as the HandySCAN allow Nucleom, in combination with different post-treatment software to assess any type of part with an extreme accuracy for a portable device. The speed of acquisition reduces inspection time and downtime. The process of taking into consideration the human factor of testing can be discarded due to Nucleom’s internal training combined with the repeatability of this device. The scanner uses triangulation to position itself in real time and records the deformation of the projected laser lines on the object surface. The surface automatically digitalized on the screen, this is called live meshing.


  • 0,025mm resolution;
  • Local measurement accuracy 0,025mm | 0,0009’’;
  • Volumetric accuracy 0,020mm+0,040mm/m;
  • Best work volume 0.05 to 4m.
3D scan inspection - Nucleom

Long Range – 3D Scan Inspection

Long range 3D scanners allow Nucleom to capture and digitalize larger types of surfaces than 3D handheld devices. Point clouds are generated from the completion of each scan. Thereon, their combination allows the reconstruction of the volume of a surface without a need for contact.

As opposed to the 3D scan handheld devices, long range scanners serve the purpose of larger-scale project. However, it is possible to combine handheld scans with long range data whenever high accuracy and resolution are required on specific area.

Long Range 3D Scan Projects

Below is a non-exhaustive list of project examples:

  • Building and heavy construction work;
    Layout or 3D model before, during or after any construction steps
  • Mine and quarries;
    Stockpile analysis, quarries volumes
  • Heavy machinery, ships and heavy tooling;
  • Refinery and power plant;
  • Structural art.

Advantages of Long Range 3D Scan

3D long range scanners are generally associated with heavy construction and industrial sectors. From the point cloud, the acquisition of texture and color can be used for 3D rendering during the long range 3D scan of a variety of surfaces.

  • 1-3 mm resolution;
    Higher resolution meshes: Combination with handheld scanner data 
  • Accuracy up to 1 mm;
  • Distance up to 100m;
  • Portable and hard to reach range;
    Possible remote start
  • High density point cloud.
    High quality Texture/color mapped
3D scan inspection - Nucleom

Nucleom offers different 3D scan inspection solutions. These solutions cover a full range of industries and comply with inspection standards and clients’ requirements. Nucleom uses a wide range of equipment and state-of-the-art tools which can be integrated to manual, semi-automated and fully automated inspection systems. Nucleom can provide a scanning solution using different type of 3D scanning devices as described above.


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