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The LineOhm, based on a patented technology from Hydro-Quebec, allows for a non-destructive evaluation of the electrical resistance of compression splices on electrical conductors. With the LineOhm probe, Nucleom offers an innovative solution for power line inspection.

Aging transmission networks and growing needs for energy require line operators to consider solutions that optimize the lifespan of assets and increase energy transmission. When assessing the residual service life or the uprating potential of an existing line, the mechanical strength of conductors must be properly evaluated. Compression sleeve splices (joints) are key components to be checked, as they are the weakest link of a chain. With the LineOhm, Nucleom offers a solution that allows line asset engineers to accurately assess the integrity of their conductor splices.

Over time, thermal cycling, line vibrations, galloping and weather events contribute to the deterioration of splices. These factors are all compounded by human involvement during splice installation, which translate into widely variable lifespans. LineOhm inspections thus provide key information for uprating projects, replacement cost reductions and improved reliability through better maintenance planning.


  1. Lightweight
    The aluminum housing makes the LineOhm the lightest splice inspection tool on the market, weighing less than 500 g.
  2. No cleaning required
    Thanks to the patented contacting system, the LineOhm can be used on a conductor without prior cleaning.
  3. Minimum current of 2.5 A
    This allows to use the probe on adjacent unused transmission lines. This is a relatively common case, especially when inspecting redundant parallel lines.
  4. Adjustable length
    The cm/in. scale on the LineOhm allows manual adjustment by the operator, so that optimal length is set to adjust for any splice type.
  5. Approx. 360° degree of freedom
    When used on a pole, the ball-and-socket joint between the LineOhm and the pole makes it easier to use thanks to a more ergonomic grip.
  6. Innovative technology
    This innovation is based on a patented technology from Hydro-Quebec, a world leader in energy and a recognized user of the LineOhm on its own electric network.

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Nucleom offers the LineOhm technology as a product or service, depending on the customer’s needs. MORE INFORMATION


The LineOhm is deployed on an energized power line using obstacle crossing inspection tools, notably the LineDrone, which has been the subject of an agreement between DRONE VOLT and Hydro-Québec. This type of deployment makes it drastically easier to access hard-to-reach places, greatly improving the method’s efficiency.

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The LineOhm solution is used in a conventional manner, deployed at the tip of a pole by lineworkers.

Technical Specifications

The LineOhm is a precision micro-ohmmeter, which allows to measure the electrical resistance of conductor splices. In order to take measurements while working on the power lines, this device is light, compact, robust and accurate. Whether the splices are new or have been in service for several years, the LineOhm will give reliable data on their health status.

  • Conductor diameters from 15 to 45 mm;
  • Splice diameters from 15 to 70 mm;
  • Adjustable length from 19 to 33 cm;
  • Energized line up to 765 kV;
  • Operational from 2.5 A up to 3000 A.

Hydro-Quebec’s contribution

“This partnership with Nucleom will facilitate supply for Hydro-Québec and enable the deployment of our technologies on electric power systems around the world by an organization with proven expertise in non-destructive testing and critical infrastructure inspection,” said Patrick Judge, Manager – Business Development – Innovative Solutions at Hydro-Québec.


Inspection de lignes électriques

Reliable electrical resistance measurements.


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