Nucleom is a Canadian company that provides all kinds of solutions for non-destructive testing (NDT). At first, the company has been created to address nuclear plants and its distinctive standards. The innovative inspection systems and procedures created back then to meet the nuclear industry requirements quickly spread to several other markets. Today, Nucleom is known for always developing the most effective NDT methods to the benefit of our clients.


Nucleom is headquartered in Quebec and has an office in Montreal. The company always had an international scope and a great mobility to conduct operations overseas. Nucleom can rely on its high-level expertise and equipment in house and important R&D programs that are often conducted in partnership with equipment manufacturers (ex.: custom scanners, automated inspection processes, etc.)



Nucleom is specialized in advanced inspections. The technologies used are ultrasound (AUT, Phased Array, TOFD) and eddy current (surface and tube arrays, tube inspections: ET, RFT, NFT, MFL, IRIS).


Nucleom also offers consulting services for the petrochemical industry according to API 510 for under-pressure vessels and API 570 for pipelines.


With the help of its customers and major NDE equipment manufacturers, Nucleom is a leader in providing optimised examination solutions through innovation and advanced non-destructives testing pratices that have been developed by the nuclear industry.